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Hello! Kurt Shafer here, brought to you by Floor America.

If you want the lowest power whole house fan you can find.   If you want to be able to adjust the speed of the fan to any speed you desire. And if you want it to be as quiet as possible, you get all that and more with the Invisco ES6320 whole house fan.

ES stands for Energy Saving and this fan is the best you can find. Why? You get the modern highly efficient EC motor (Electronically Commutated) by US Motors. Imagine – less than 500 watts at full speed and under 50 watts at slow speed so you can cool your home better for less cost.


Invisco is the first and ONLY company to offer you infinitely variable speed – dial your own speed using the wall mounted dial that looks just like a light dimmer.

The Invisco ES6320 has a 19.5 inch blade in a 20 inch housing. It uses a 20 inch diameter flexible duct that is  8 feet long  that is sent with your kit  and the 20 inch damper that you  put over the opening in your ceiling.

You also get the new Invisco SmartSupport bracket for the easiest installation you can find. Just mount the included bar between two rafters and lift the fan up and hang it in place.

The kit includes a damper to be installed just over your ceiling opening to prevent cold air from falling down in the winter. Under that you install the included designer white round frame and cube core grille.

Retail price on this is $1595 but you get all this for just $1295 thanks to your friends at Floor America.

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Designer round frame and cube core grille.
Designer round frame and cube core grille.